About us

The team of the Swiss Mongolian Pediatric Project consists of a Swiss and a Mongolian core groups.


The project was initiated by the pediatricians:

• Thomas Baumann, instructor for hip sonography, author

• Raoul Schmid, instructor for hip sonography and member of the Swiss Hip Commission


In the following year after Thomas Baumann’s trip to Mongolia 2007, it was decided to start a targeted aid program with the assistance of the Swiss Association for Ultrasound in Pediatrics SVUPP.


Meanwhile, the team was actively supported by following people:

• Petrign Toendury, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Bern

• Reto Gambon, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Thusis

• Corinne Wyder, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Burgdorf

• Corina Wilhelm, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Baar

• Bettina Essers, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Zurich

• Stefan Essig, researcher, institute of Primary and Community Care, Lucerne

• Madleina Taha, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Aarau

• Nicole Ritz, pediatrician, infectiologist, Basel

• Julia Stettler, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, Solothurn

• Michael Buettcher, pediatrician, hip sonography tutor, infectiologist, Lucerne

and also by our pediatric orthopaedists:

• Harry Klima, St. Gallen

• Pascal Gerhardt, St. Gallen


The Mongolian core group in Ulaanbaatar consists of:

• Mrs. Dr. Bayalag Munkhuu, pediatrician, epidemiologist

• Mrs. Dr. Erdenesuvd Renchinnyam, pediatric radiologist

• Mr. Munhtulga Ulziibat, assistant physician, coordinator


The Swiss Mongolian Pediatric Project is a non-profit association, all donations are tax-exempt in Switzerland.


The project is supported by the Swiss Association for Ultrasound in Pediatrics (SVUPP).